[Fellow Actors]


I think Christine’s writing is acutely observational - warm, witty and a great sense of affection for the industry that can crap on you from Middlesbrough to Shaftesbury Avenue. It belongs to the First Folio of Smiles and the Laugh Direct. Loved it.

Donald Gee


                                                                                                         I love the way you write.

Fenella Fielding


You write with verve and humour about your fascinating life as an actor. The travelogues are enviable, and your section on Shakespeare is mind blowing and thrilling - a game changer for the theatre! An exciting and rewarding read.

Gillian McCutcheon


I am loving your book, it’s so enjoyable that I find it hard to put down. Your parents were amazing people! They gave you encouragement, support, so much love and allowed you to be yourself. You have built a wonderful picture of them, Christine, so loving.. It is also wonderful to read about your early passion for the work - an actor to your bones - and also about what it was really like to be in the business in the days of Rep (wish I could have been there). Anyway, thank you for writing it.

Sarah Howe


I was, of course, quite surprised not to find a mention of my name, as I must surely be even more unknown that you! Teehee!

Laura Cox

[From fellow RADA graduates -1958]


I have just finished your wonderful book. What a lively ride it was! A satisfying balance between event and commentary, it was always interesting, and often very entertaining. Your good sense of taste kept it humming, never dull or overdone. Bravo! And the events themselves - enough for four lifetimes! You shared Patrick’s fearless acceptance of jobs in exotic locations and transcribed those experiences brilliantly. And your no-nonsense responses to the trials and heartbreaks of show business keep the book grounded in good sense and a healthy world-view. You have every reason to be immensely proud of the book: it is an impressive accomplishment.

Nicholas Kepros


Up to chapter 9 in one session. It’s a lovely read, Chrissie, funny and gentle and it makes you want to know more. Now finished it. What a thoroughly enjoyable read it was. I loved it! What a lot you have packed into your life. The Travel stories are hair raising, very funny - and scary.

Ann (Ogden) Woodgate


I got it from Amazon after our mutual plumber brought along your flyer. I really enjoyed it, well done and congratulations. You must write another.

Philip Lowrie


Memory Lane indeed. But a lively record of your career - loved it. I am totally overwhelmed by the work you and Patrick do - all based on common sense in a way - how else do you do Shakespeare than following the instructions he gave everyone. Yours is an enviable record and you are to be congratulated. Those words of your father "Go and collect some memories" - absolutely lovely. What a gorgeous thing to say.

Guy Thomas



Where do I even begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed The Tome? After getting it, I started skimming through in the train on the way home and had to stop because I was laughing aloud. I've been reading a bit every day, so as to savour it, and it's been just like having you there, making me laugh and telling me stories about your travels and your sometimes hilarious jobs. There was so much that I didn't know and so many other bits that reminded me of our shared past. And it gave me a whole new insight into you yourself. I was equally amazed by your terrific confidence in your own talent and entitlement to your place in the world.

Maggie Lloyd

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