The Actor's Survival Handbook

CHRISTINE OZANNE is an actress who has worked in all areas of the entertainment industry since graduating with an Honours Diploma from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 1958, at the age of 22. Her work includes roles in Weekly Repertory and West End theatres, television drama series and serials, 20 situation comedies, 60 commercials and 12 feature films.

Christine's memoir The Tome of the Unknown Actor was published by Avocado Books in November 2016. Click here to buy a copy.

Christine, with her partner, Patrick Tucker, founded and ran The Original Shakespeare Company and mounted 28 productions world-wide, including three separate plays at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London. Together they have travelled extensively worldwide, both with their Company and teaching programmes in numerous colleges, drama schools and universities including Cambridge and Yale. 

They have written four audition books together, plus The Actor’s Survival Handbook (see below).


Comedy was always Christine's strong point in performance, which began in 1958 with Carry on Nurse and is ongoing.  She is an avid theatre-goer, has a passion for cricket and is a map addict.  She is now working on a Shakespeare Text book for Actors.

The Actor's Survival Handbook

Patrick Tucker & Christine Ozanne, Routledge, 2005

From their wide-ranging experience, the authors have compiled a comprehensive list of practical information and techniques, with do's and don't's galore! Plenty of anecdotal references and tips for all-comers, amateurs, students, young hopefuls and gnarled veterans! Topics covered range from Shakespeare to Screen acting.

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